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A dynamic company with a lifetime of experience

Established in 2006, Bayside Construct are an award winning construction company that specialises in the delivery of high-end and contemporary multi-residential developments and bespoke homes.

We were founded on three generations of construction experience, 25 years of expertise in the luxury residential market and our team’s exceptional industry know-how. All in all, a distinctive pedigree that sets the benchmark for our exacting standards of quality, efficiency and craftsmanship.

We understand the often unpredictable nature of the building process. In response, we offer an intelligent and sympathetic approach to construction, spearheaded by our team of passionate and performance-driven construction and project managers.

Repeat business and a solid reputation in the industry are the defining symbols of our ongoing commitment to creating sophisticated and enduring developments that are built on time and on budget.

Our integrated approach


We employ a comprehensive, turnkey approach, dedicated to adding value at every stage of the construction process from tendering and programmatics, through to construction, delivery and post-occupation maintenance. If requested, we can get involved at the pre-tender phase, offering invaluable advice on programme, structure and budget, further minimising risks and maximising the viability and success of every project.


Our highly proficient and dedicated construction and project managers form an integrated and dynamic team. All our projects benefit from a close working relationship between our raft of hand picked subcontractors and a close collaboration with the entire design team, ensuring that we create well resolved, enduring assets that match our client’s vision.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and achieving the highest standard of finish possible. We understand the difference between standard detail and the finer details and work intimately with some of Melbourne’s leading architects to exceed their expectations.